The Alcohol Abuse Education program is to educate our youth about the health aspects, pitfalls, and dangers of alcohol use at a young age. We seek to reach students early, that the age of drinking may be delayed and so students may understand that with the appeal of social drinking comes responsibility and consequences.
This program, founded in West Jefferson, North Carolina and will offer education to adolescents and adults.

ABC General Managers Conference 2015

ABC General Managers Conference 2015

We are very proud of the program in our school district to prevent alcohol abuse. The alcohol abuse education program, “Rising Above the Norm”, our students have received has truly made a difference.   The educator, Mary Howell provides a professional, yet personal presentation for students. She is a lifelong educator and coach who believes every child can succeed and be the very best they can be.                                                                                                                           ~Dr. Kim Elliott, Assistant Superintendant of Jackson County Public Schools

“Rise Above The Norm”, is a must see program for all middle and high school students.  Mary Howell offers a fast paced, informative and engaging program on the dangers of alcohol abuse for underage drinking.  Don’t think our teens aren’t exploring this risky behavior; make sure they have the facts delivered in a way that grabs their attention!  ~Mrs. Lynnette Stallings, School Counselor, Ashe County Schools   


Mary Howell with Robby Caison, General Manager and Rod Burgess, Member of Roseboro ABC Board

“We are so very proud to be able to have Mary at Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School… Her program is designed to reach young students early and to explain that the age of drinking may be delayed so students may understand that with the appeal of social drinking come responsibility and consequences.”                                                                     ~Robby Caison, General Manager of the Roseboro ABC store



Mrs. Mary Howell teaching students at Ashe County High School the harmful effects of alcohol abuse.

I learned from the Alcohol Abuse Presentation that 2 kids die each week from alcohol abuse.  Parents should monitor their personal alcohol when they have it in the home of teens.  Neither should parents allow students to drink alcohol even when they are monitoring their usage, due to health danger of underage drinking.                                          ~ Ashlee, Roseboro-Salemburg Middle School Student

“Mrs. Howell presented a series of facts and statistics which moved ones thought on harmful and deadly effects of alcohol abuse. One important fact that stuck was about the frontal lobe of our brains are not completely developed until we are 21. It was great to see Mrs. Howell again, you miss those teaches who you know really care about students. Thanks, for coming and sharing this information with us and showing you care.”  ~Joshua, ACHS Student

 “Mrs. Howell informed us on many interesting facts about alcohol that relate to those our age. Even in Ashe County many of the facts are true about adolescents. I know we all enjoyed seeing Mrs. Howell and know she wants all of us to be the best.”                        ~Chetola, ACHS Student

“I feel two of our top priorities as ABC Board members are Alcohol Abuse Education and Alcohol Law Enforcement. After attending this Alcohol Abuse Education class, I am totally pleased and satisfied that our financial support for this training is money well spent and the training is getting right to the children as intended…Many other ABC Boards across NC are currently considering implementation of this program and I strongly urge them to give it serious consideration.”  ~Mr. Haskel McGuire, ABC Board Chairman

The High Country ABC Board is impressed with Mrs. Howells’ program. The interaction she has with the students is wonderful. There is great communication between Mrs. Howell and the ABC Board to keep the board informed of the progress of her program in the schools.                                                                                                                                            ~Mrs. Sara Brewer, High County ABC General Manager

Goal:      Our goal is to help adolescents know responsibility comes with drinking alcohol.

Mission:     As an educator, my career has been spent emphasizing to students a healthy lifestyle including information about the physiology and psychological effects of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as career and life skills needed for success.

Drinking mesmerized many young people causing them to make poor decisions and emgage in risky behavior.  Adolescent brains are more likely to:

  • Act first and think later
  • Disregard any possible consequences
  • Act impulsively
  • Misread social expression and conversation


  • Mrs. Joyce Edwards: Former DSS Director Caldwell County NC
  • Mrs. Pam Barlow: Clerk of Superior Court- West Jefferson, NC
  • Dr. Pam Scott: Professor at East Tennessee State University: Chair Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis- Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education
  • Mr. Bill Blair,Jr.: Member of The Muscle Car Hall of Fame, Serves on the North Carolina Drag racing Hall of Fame, and help to implement Nostalgia Drag Racing.
  • Mr. Jim Hartley: Sheriff of Ashe County NC
  • Mr. Sam Yearick: Ashe County Manager
  • Mrs. Suzanne Taylor: NC Literacy Trainer/Teacher Academy, National board Certified, and NC Literacy Specialist
  • McDonalds- West Jefferson, NC locally owned by Don & Mary Anne Moore