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You make a difference.

Live a life you will always be proud of. Don't let yourself give up.

Don't let alcohol abuse YOU!


"Rising Above the Norm" means success, strong values, and a life you will always be proud of.  Strive to be mentally tough; don't allow negativity to be a part of your success.  Live and lead with positive values and morals.  Motivate yourself and develop a pride in your achievements.  Respect and discipline yourself, and you will gain self-esteem.  You may experience failure, but get up and try again.  Be determined.  Do not ever give up!  Do not allow your experiences in middle or high school to be the pinnacle of your entire life.  Do not allow alcohol to abuse your life.  You are priceless! 

                                                                                                   "Rise Above the Norm"

Alcohol Abuse Education

 Alcohol Education
    Presentation Program 

Alcohol Education presentation is focused on educating the adolescent about the health aspects, pitfalls, delay the drinking age and dangers of alcohol at a young age.  Our materials have been collaborated from accurate resources that provide coherent alcohol education in different ways. Our programs consists of:

  • Small group presentations

  •  Pre- assessment of knowledge

  •  Post- assessment of knowledge

  •  Follow-up data provided for participating ABC Boards

  •  Three or more 45 minute sessions to  serve 7th, 8th, and 9th grade classes

  •  Article in local paper

  •  Resource card for students

  •  Incentives for students (T-Shirts: RISE ABOVE THE NORM)

  •  Teacher workshops or seminars

  • Radio Spots: Public Service Announcements/Monthly Facts

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     After obtaining a masters degree from Appalachian State University, I continued my professional development by receiving National Board Certification for Professional Teachers and then was admitted to the NBPTS assessment team. I have served as a facilitator at the NC Center for the Advancement of Teachers (NCCAT).  

     I became a certified driver’s education instructor, teaching in several counties for more than 15 years. As a department chair in my school I have written and received many grants totaling over $30,000.  Much of my career was spent emphasizing to students a healthy life style which included information about the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and drug abuse, and the importance of healthy nutrition and exercise.  I have organized and coached a variety of sports. Contributions in students’ health and life choices have been based on my specializing in drug and alcohol and anti-gambling education. Multiple grants in these specialties have allowed me to expand students’ real life experiences.

      I have discovered that by providing innovative teaching techniques, my students not only understand, but apply their knowledge and make positive life choices.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mary Howell


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Our Mission 

The Alcohol Abuse Education program serves to educate our youth about the health aspects, pitfalls, and dangers of alcohol use at a young age.  This program was founded in West Jefferson, North Carolina and will offer education to both adolescents and adults.

As an educator, my career has been spent emphasizing to students a healthy lifestyle including information about the physiology and psychological effects of alcohol and drug abuse, as well as career and life skills needed for success.  Drinking mesmerized many young people causing them to make poor decisions and engage in risky behavior.

Our goal is to help prepare adolescents with knowledge of the harmful effects of alcohol. We seek to reach students early, that the age of drinking may be delayed and so students may understand that with the appeal of social drinking comes responsibility and consequences. 


Rise Above the Norm

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Dr. Kim Elliott

Superintendent of  Jackson County Public Schools

We are very proud of the program in our school district to prevent alcohol abuse. The alcohol abuse education program, “Rising Above the Norm”, our students have received has truly made a difference.   The educator, Mary Howell provides a professional, yet personal presentation for students. She is a lifelong educator and coach who believes every child can succeed and be the very best they can be.

Our Blog:

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Mrs. Joyce Edwards: Former DSS Director Caldwell County NC

Mrs. Pam Barlow: Clerk of Superior Court - West Jefferson, NC

Dr. Pam Scott: Professor at East Tennessee State University:

Chair Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Claudius G. Clemmer College of Education

Mr. Bill Blair, Jr: Member of The Muscle Car Hall of Fame, implemented Nostalgia Drag Racing

Serves on the North Carolina Drag racing Hall of Fame 

Mr. Jim Hartley: Former Sheriff of Ashe County NC

Mr. Sam Yearick: Former Ashe County Manager

Mrs. Suzanne Taylor: NC Literacy Trainer/Teacher Academy, National Board Certified, and NC

Literacy Specialist

McDonalds: West Jefferson, NC locally owned by Don & Mary Anne Moore

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